Grow Lights from ITC Manufacturers’ Select?

YES, Manufacturers’ Select is selling ITC Horticulture Professional Grade Grow Lighting to consumers. The first thing to understand about ITC and ITC Manufacturers’ Select is that ITC, our parent company, designs, engineers, manufacturers, and sells product in 8 industries including direct to consumers with the Manufacturers’ Select brand and to professional growers through ITC Horticulture brand.

 ITC has spent years developing our lighting business, 39 years to be exact. We have invested heavily in LED technology manufacturing with several large, automated diode placement lines and skilled operators. We also know that you can’t use just any LEDs to grow healthy, high yield producing plants. So, we used research proven science along with lab and large-scale field production growth testing to develop the perfect spectrums for our Horticulture lighting products.

Our Horticulture grow light kits have been specially selected from our commercial product offer and packaged for small businesses and home growers to reap the same improved yields and grow cycles that the big guys enjoy. Check out both kit offers at and to learn more about ITC Horticulture check us out at