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Resolutions for Adventurers: 2024 Goals for Boats & RVs

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New Year’s resolutions are nothing new. Many people make them, but most probably break them, too. We have a few 2024 Resolutions for you—ones that we think will be easy to keep, because they’re a lot more fun than hitting the gym or giving up dessert.

Take More Time

2024 is the year to get out in your RV or boat! When warm weather rolls around, there’s no better place than out on the lake or exploring in your RV. According to data on boat usage by The National Marine Manufacturers Association, people spend between 23-71 hours on average per season on their boat.

Beyond just being enjoyable, there are many health benefits to boat recreation; a study from showed that being on a boat has wonderful effects on the brain with 72% of Americans report feeling healthier after a boat ride. The poll also showed that being on the water relaxes our bodies and promotes increased creativity.

Likewise, for RV lovers, getting out of the house and into nature can have amazing effects on your health. Fresh air and less screen time can help our bodies reset to their natural rhythms. Seeing more of the natural world around us in our city, state, and country can give us a much-needed chance to relax and appreciate our surroundings.

Other studies showed that RV owners used their motorhomes or travel trailers roughly 7-21 days per year, but we think you can do better! Any amount of time spent on the outside is great, but wouldn’t it be nice to add even just one more day? How about a week?

Explore Somewhere New

Having a go-to destination for a day on the boat or a weekend in the RV is fantastic, but there’s so much more out there you may not have explored! This year, our resolution for you is to plan a day or weekend to somewhere new. 

Break away from routine to find an unvisited lake nearby or take a trip to that National Park you’ve always dreamed of. Getting out of your comfort zone to explore a new body of water or head to a unique campground with new trails and scenery can really energize your weekend or vacation time.

Find Family Time

A great way to make lasting family memories is to take away distractions; get out on the boat or hit the road in the RV to maximize quality time and try a new activity together. Lots of families have traditions around camping and boating. 

Expand that circle this year and take extended family and friends too—especially folks that might not be as familiar with boating or RVing. Have a girls’ day at the lake or a guys’ weekend in the woods. Looking for a really relaxing time? Get a group together for a kids-free weekend camping trip or a day on the water to catch up with old friends.

Plan a Group Outing

If you have friends who already have boats and RVs, get a group together!  Start planning now to lock in an available campground and plan the best spots to visit in a group this summer.

For a shorter trip option, find a nearby lake and organize and “raft up” to enjoy a day or weekend on the water. A day enjoying mutual favorite pastimes is a great way to make memories with friends and get the kids involved, too!

Upgrade Your Boat or RV

If your boat or RV is looking a little dated or just needs something new to give it new life, do it this year! Little updates can make a high difference: brighten up your RV with new LED lighting or replace that old table leg with a sturdier one.

If your family or friend group has grown this year, make the table onboard your boat a real gathering place, or update the courtesy lighting to simplify unpacking after a long day. Whatever upgrade or replacement you might need, ITC Shop Now will help you make 2024 the best season yet.

There’s plenty to be explore from your boat or RV this year, and it’s our resolution for you to get out and enjoy with your friends and family as much as you can!

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