Most RVs and boats are not wired to accept RGB products, which require 4 or 5 wires. Installation would require rewiring with special wire harnesses and in most cases opening walls. This is not a DIY aftermarket upgrade we currently offer. 

ITC designs, engineers, and manufactures our products in our three wholly owned factories, in Michigan, Indiana, and China. 

We started manufacturing products in China in 1982 and back then you could actually buy a factory as an American company.  We are a collaborative team with engineering, purchasing, manufacturing, and sales  in both the USA and China. We  work together to bring our customers the best quality and value in our product designs. 

Our Cypress table legs that come with our table system were designed to have a very tight fit. To remove a leg that has gotten over tightened. Please the table top back on the leg and twist the top until the leg starts to loosen. Then remove top - it might need a little side to side twisting, then pull straight up. The leg should now turn easily by hand - don't forget to slide the button on the floor base toward the leg.

There are a couple of things to check. 1) Be sure the t-bolt on the bottom of the leg is extend about 1/2" out -sometimes it gets tightened all the way in. 2) Check that the floor base screws are securely screwed into a solid floor material. 

No - our decorative lighting is designed specifically for RVs and boats that use 12volt wiring. Do not attempt to install these in a house that is wired for higher voltage as it will over load the circuits  and cause the fixture to malfunction.

We do our best to be sure you receive a quality product from the start but if you find a manufacturing defect we will replace it as quickly as possible. 

We do have installation instructions to down load for almost all our products. They are located on the individual product pages. Here is handy reference guide to explain how to locate our installation instructions:

Install Instruction Guide

If you still need help feel free to send us an email. 

The short answer is not usually. We try to stock the most popular colors of a product. We may have other color options but they require large order volumes and or are reserved for our OEM customers. 

Products on our corporate site many times require a minimum order requirement to order and reserviced for our OEM customers. Please visit the ITC Manufacturers' Select section of the website to see consumer product options and Amazon links to purchase there.  

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Usually your card will be charged when you complete your purchase.

We try to refund your money as quickly as possible. If you are returning a product your refund will be processed once we get the product back and review the issue.

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Please request a return at with your name, email address, order number, product sku, and reason for return. 

We value your business and we base our service on how we like to be treated. That is why we decided not to employ a call center who just responds using a script. We want to be able to really help you with our products. And if our Customer Care Representative doesn't know the answer to your question - they can walk over to the engineer or product manager and find out. 

It is helpful to have your order number and the product number on hand but not always necessary. 

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