Which Table is right for you?

We specialize in top of the line sturdy and beautiful boat tables. The Party table or the Cocktail table either lit or unlit, with the Cypress leg are perfect for installing on the boat. You just install the floor base with 6 screws and connect the leg and table. The Party table can accommodate a large group, while the Cocktail table can be used in tighter areas like bowriders. The Party is great for the front of the Pontoon and the Cocktail for the back. The Cocktail table can also be paired with the Fence Mount on open rail boats to save floor space. Both tables and legs can be removed easily for stowage.

We love this approach! For the Party, Cocktail and Beach tables you can use them on the Cypress leg on the boat and then when anchored at the sand bar or shore, you can pop the table top off and use it with the Sand Bar leg. Use the 47” for standing height and deeper water (it goes into the sand about 12-14”) and the 31” height Sand Bar for shallow water or on the shore next to your beach chairs.

The Lit Party or Cocktail table are a great idea for a sunset gathering on the dock after a day on the boat. This is easy to do by buying an extra Cypress Floor Base and moving your table and leg from the boat to the dock. You just select a suitable spot on the deck and screw in the Floor Base. Then you can easily take the Cypress leg and table (Party or Cocktail) out of the boat and put it into the Floor Base on the dock. Another great idea is to buy a full Table and Leg set and have an extra one always set up on the dock or at the boat house. The lit option can take you right into the night in comfort and safety.

Need some tables for entertainment on the patio, deck, or yard? No problem,  we have the freestanding Radix stand that was designed to fit the Cypress leg and support the Party, Cocktail, or Beach tables. Use it on the patio or on the deck or yard. Need extra support? The rubber feet are removable to add
screws or tent pegs for added stability – this application is a must when adding the Umbrella to the Party or Beach tables. Or get the Sand Bar – perfect option for lawn or dirt. Set up a 31” sand bar and table near the fire pit or the 47” Sand Bar by each end of the Corn Hole game – a great way to hold drinks and snacks for the big tournament.

Fun summer events like weddings, family reunions, or a team swim day are fun and easy with the popping colors of the Beach tables paired with the Sand Bar leg and Umbrella. Family can catch up while standing around the Beach Table with a 47” Sand Bar leg. Looking for something a bit more elegant for a wedding?  Try the white Drink Caddy with two wine glass holders on the Sand Bar leg. Toasting the happy couple never looked so good.

Product Related

Most RVs and boats are not wired to accept RGB products, which require 4 or 5 wires. Installation would require rewiring with special wire harnesses and in most cases opening walls. This is not a DIY aftermarket upgrade we currently offer.

Our Cypress table legs that come with our table system were designed to have a very tight fit. To remove a leg that has gotten over tightened. Place the table top back on the leg and twist the top until the leg starts to loosen. Then remove top - it might need a little side to side twisting, then pull straight up. The leg should now turn easily by hand - don't forget to slide the button on the floor base toward the leg.

There are a couple of things to check. 1) Be sure the t-bolt on the bottom of the leg is extend about 1/2\" out -sometimes it gets tightened all the way in. 2) Check that the floor base screws are securely screwed into a solid floor material.

No - our decorative lighting is designed specifically for RVs and boats that use 12volt wiring. Do not attempt to install these in a house that is wired for higher voltage as it will over load the circuits and cause the fixture to malfunction."

We do our best to be sure you receive a quality product from the start but if you find a manufacturing defect we will replace it as quickly as possible.

We do have installation instructions to down load for almost all our products. They are located on the individual product pages. Here is handy reference guide to explain how to locate our installation instructions:

Install Instruction Guide

If you still need help feel free to send us an email.

Placing an Order

The short answer is not usually. We try to stock the most popular colors of a product. We may have other color options but they require large order volumes and or are reserved for our OEM customers

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It is helpful to have your order number and the product number on hand but not always necessary.

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