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Five DIY-Friendly RV Remodel Ideas

Ready to breathe new life into your home-away-from-home? You don’t need to tackle a full-on renovation to remodel your RV. A few simple updates can transform your RV’s look and feel with minimal investment.

Here are five easy RV Remodel Ideas that pack a lot of punch.

rv dinette light fixture

Upgrade your RV Interior Lights

Decorative RV interior lights have come a long way over the years, with more style options than ever before. Upgrade your outdated RV lighting with a rv dinette light fixture or rv wall sconce featuring higher quality materials or a unique style. Replacing RV light fixtures is an easy project, and because they’re low-voltage it’s a safe project too.

Refresh your walls with paint

Painting the walls of your RV is a project that will make a big impact. Not sure which color scheme to choose? Consider this - the same logic holds true whether you’re painting a room in your home or the walls of an RV – lighter colors make a space feel larger, while darker colors shrink the room but provide a cozier feel. Before applying paint, you’ll want to prep the walls by sanding and cleaning them.


Upgrade your table

Is your RV table wobbly or simply outdated? Upgrade it with a sturdy RV table leg and a fresh tabletop. There are a variety of tabletop options on the market, including traditional or LED-lit tables.

Give your kitchen a facelift

The kitchen is the heart of your home-away-from-home, so any upgrades will be well worth your time. For a simple project, try changing out the cabinet hardware or replacing the RV pendant light fixtures. For a greater impact, paint the cabinets or add new backsplash.

12 volt LED lights for RV interior

Replace RV Interior Lights with LED

RV LED lighting is more efficient and lasts longer than traditional incandescent light bulbs. Upgrading your original lights with LED will improve both light performance and overall feel of your RV, especially if you’re replacing the ceiling light fixtures. It’s important to remember that RV LED lights are available in a range of colors, from bright white to a pale yellow. Be sure to choose the color that best suits your desired look.


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