Happy Independence Day 2024

Happy Independence Day 2024

America is celebrating its 248th birthday! On July 4, 1776 the 13 colonies through the Continental Congress ratified the Declaration of Independence and proclaimed themselves free of British rule!

Today, we celebrate our independence in many ways from the pomp of parades to family reunions and cookouts, and of course the American pastime of baseball games, but how did fireworks become the most common way to celebrate the 4th? Fireworks were already in use for celebrations and festivities, so when John Adams (who later became our 2nd president), wrote to his wife that there should be “illuminations from one end of the continent to the other, this time and forever forward more”, the use of fireworks became the natural choice of celebrating with illumination.

If you are camping, boating, or hosting a family gathering this July 4th here are some great ideas to help you celebrate.

Watching fireworks from the boat – Pre-check all boat lights are working properly. Once in your viewing spot on the lake, be sure to securely anchor at a safe distance to avoid wave motion jostling your guests and for best viewing without danger. Also be sure everyone has a buddy and a lifejacket handy. Account for everyone with a buddy check once anchored, during the show, and before heading back to the dock.

Camping and self-lit fireworks do not mix! Always check with the campground rules and avoid any uncontained fires and sparks. Instead of Sparklers, try glow sticks – Here are a few great ideas to use them for games and decorating your site, plus they last all night.

 - Capture the flag – use red and blue glow sticks to identify your teams and use the classic rules.

 - Hide and seek – hide the sticks around the campground and hand out clues on where to look.

 - Outline your site in alternating red, white, and blue.

Family reunions at the park, beach, or in the backyard are great times to relax and catch up. Pick a few games that everyone can play – such as water-ballon toss, cornhole, and creating popsicle stick American flags with glue and paint.

Whatever your celebrations are we wish you a very happy 248th birthday!

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