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How To Ensure a Smooth Online Returns Experience

With so many options and ways to shop online these days, it’s easy to make a mistake in the ordering process. From choosing the wrong sized table leg to realizing the color you picked for your boat table isn’t the greatest match, ITC is committed to making sure our customers enjoy their purchases for years to come. With that said, when you do make an unfortunate ordering mistake, here are a few tips to guarantee an easy, hassle-free return process.

1. Reach out as soon as possible

First, get in touch with us via phone or email. We promise not to make you sit through long, pre-recorded messages or jump through hoops only to return you to where you started. We also promise a real person will answer or respond! If you‘re within our “30 days after purchase” return window, we’ll happily get a prepaid shipping label generated for you.

We may ask the reason for the return to find out if there’s a way to avoid similar ordering mistakes on our end. If there is an error in a listing or a product description is unclear, we want to make sure we fix those issues to help customers in the future.

2.Package your return carefully

When sending your item back, try to package it as closely to its original shipping state as possible. When we ship an order, we do everything we can to ensure it arrives to you in pristine condition. Receiving it back in the same way helps us quickly evaluate if everything is returned and in good condition.

If we do receive an item back that is damaged, the return process may be delayed, or your refund could be denied. Once you have everything packaged up securely, simply stick the return label to the box and drop it off at a UPS store.

3. Keep an eye on your inbox

The last thing you want is to be left in the dark regarding your refund. Once we receive an item back, our team works hard to make sure the refund is initiated within 24 hours. You’ll get a notification letting you know we’ve started the process for you, and the refund will go back on the card used for the purchase.

It is important to note that depending on the card company, it could take a few days for your refund to show up. If you’re waiting a while for your refund after we’ve initiated it, we recommend reaching out to your card company to inquire about the delay.

4. Avoid a return by asking questions before you buy

We understand that mistakes happen, but we are here to help before you click buy and after if it didn’t work out. With the continued growth of online shopping, often the experience can seem impersonal. We understand and we’re here to assist with any questions before you order, we’re happy to work with you to make sure your return experience goes as smoothly as possible.

Our team is here to help Monday - Friday from 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM EST via chat on the website or phone at 616.330.4497 and weekends via email at

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