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The Many Ways to Brighten Your RV

Updating the lighting in your RV is a small change that can make a big difference. Switching from halogen to LED bulbs brightens the space using less battery life, and the longevity of LED bulbs also makes maintenance easier by not having to keep extra bulbs on hand everywhere you go. Plus, LEDs produce a lot less heat, so you can rest assured they won’t be burning to the touch.

Updating your RV lights with a new style of fixture is also a great way to spruce up your interior and give your home-away-from-home a new look. Whether for aesthetics or function, ITC Shop Now offers a full line of lighting options to get your RV refreshed for the season.

RV Overhead Lighting

You may not pay much attention to overhead lights, but in most RVs they're the main light source. If you've noticed that your lighting feels a little dim and want something more eye catching, simple updates can really brighten the space, and our Radiance Overhead Lights are a perfect solution. 

If you're hoping to bring even more flair to the space, try our Eminence or Décor Overhead Lights that not only upgrade to LEDs, but give a pop of style as well. Looking to tone it down before bed? Adding our dimmer switch control for your lighting softens the light in the evening or to eases you into the morning.

RV Reading Lights

Settling in after a full day of outdoor activities at the camp site, or enjoying a quiet evening in the RV, is a great time to enjoy a good book. Reading with too much or too little lighting can really ruin the experience, and a light designed for reading is a great addition or upgrade that can make your RV feel more like home. 

ITC Shop Now offers many reading lights in a variety of styles, from a Classic design to our Compass Adjustable Arm Reading Light that lets you direct the light right where you want it. All our reading lights are low heat emitting so you can feel secure installing them in bunk or bed areas, too.

RV Functional Lighting 

Functionl lighting is perfect for brightening up spaces outside or inside your RV that you might not have considered adding light to. RV porch lighting can illuminate a late-night card game at the picnic table or help you pack up outside chairs and toys before heading to bed. Our RV LED Porch Light or Assurance Flood Light are ideal options that are easy to install. We also offer a LED License Plate light that meets DOT mandatory standards and keeps you safe on the road.

Tired of trying to find your lucky fishing shirt in your dark RV closet? Maybe it’s time to light it up it. Our LED RV Closet Light is the perfect option to illuminate your closet—so watch out fish, the lucky shirt is soon-to-be found! 

RV Decorative Lighting

One of the easiest ways to refresh your RV interior is to change out your dinette light or wall sconces. Whether they're just not to your taste anymore or a little out of date, having the right fixture can bring an elegant touch to any RV while creating a nice focal point over the table or accent beside your sofa.

ITC Shop Now has a variety of decorative RV lighting options specifically engineered to work with your RV electrical system (always buy 12 V lighting for your RV). From wall mounted sconces to dinette lighting, we have something that will give your RV interior the boost you’re looking for.

Not seeing what you have in mind? Reach out to our product specialist for some personal help

RV Courtesy Lighting

Whether the steps used to get up into your RV or for multi-levels inside, steps can be hard to properly light for security and safety. Adding courtesy lighting to these stairways or narrow hallways offers added safety as well as a pleasant ambience. With different finishes and design options, ITC Shop Now has the courtesy lighting to fit your RV. Choose from basic Small Oval Courtesy Lights or the more elegantly styled LED Down Courtesy Light to give you the quality lighting your spaces need.

RVs have so many lighting options that can be readily updated or addedit can make a huge improvement to the interior of your RV, making it feel like new. ITC Shop Now has all the lighting options you need to create your ideal space.

Any questions? Our product specialists are here to help Monday - Friday from 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM EST via chat or phone at 616.330.4497 and weekends via email. We’re here to assist you with all your upgrade or replacement part needs. Order today!

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