Beach, Boat, and Boondocking Season is Back

Beach, Boat, and Boondocking Season is Back

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Whether you are glamping, cruising the waterways, hitting the sand, or even hanging out in the backyard, it is all about enjoying and appreciating being away from the daily grind. Asking yourself and your travel partners what makes you happy is the first step in finding your way to a memorable  “Summer Vibe” break.

We asked what activities give you Summer Vibes and we got some very diverse answers. From reading a juicy romance novel under an umbrella with toes in the sand, to mountain biking a challenging trail in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, to an across Lake Michigan boat trip (it’s up to 118 miles across you know). Here are some of our favorite responses that might inspire your own Summer Vibes plans, even though it is still March!

sand castles on the beach | ITC Shop Now

“Building sand animals, like turtles, alligators, and dragons makes for a great summer day at the beach!” Sand Castle building is not just for kiddos. Annual competitions in sand sculpting take place across the US.

Check out the 2024 schedule

Add a Beach Table to keep snacks and food out of the castle building area.

RV Camping with waterfront access | ITC Shop Now

“Off grid camping has become our go to.” Boondocking has become a mainstream form of camping and finding legal and safe sites is easy with a quick Google search. One thing we recommend is having a solar light for those late night walks from the fire to the trailer. Attune is easy to install, stays charged all night, and the light positioning won’t take away from the boondocking experience. 

Lake Macatawa Holland Michigan | ITC Shop Now

“Living in Holland, MI we look forward to our annual boating trip up and down the lake shore with stops at all the small town marinas.” Traveling on your boat from marina to marina doesn’t require a huge boat but it does require some planning. Always check the weather to judge your timing and secure a slip ahead of time. Need some new boat accessories for the trip? Check out our Hot and Cold Shower.

“Staycations have become our standard Summer Vibe.” Can’t get away for vacation is not a problem anymore, you can still create a relaxing or adventurous spot in your own yard. Pop-up out door movie nights, friends and family game tournaments, or the ever popular backyard BBQ can provide lasting memories of Summer too. Check out this handy setup of the Party Table on the Sand Bar – a perfect bar or s’more station. 

Whatever gives you Summer Vibes be sure to plan some time to enjoy it in 2024!

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