Think outside of the Boat or RV

Think outside of the Boat or RV

ITC Manufacturers’ Select has a wide catalog of different quality products for your Boat or RV, but wouldn’t it be nice if you could use some of those products elsewhere? We have several products that are perfect for use other than on the Boat or RV.  Take these items with you to the beach, backyard, cottage, or wherever!

A table wherever you want it:

We have a variety of tables available for your boat, but what about when you are in the yard or maybe docked somewhere on shore or just driving to the beach?  Double or triple the places you can use your favorite ITC Tabletop with our Radix Table Stand, Sand Bar Table Leg, or Fence Mount Table Bracket.

Party boat table with Radix table leg system | ITC Shop Now

The Radix is a folding tripod that you can install the Cypress table leg from your boat table set on and use your tabletop wherever you want.  Our favorite spots to use the Radix are at the campsite as a camp chair side table for drinks, snacks, or S’mores station. The Radix also gives you the perfect backyard table setup if you’re playing cornhole or just hanging out in the yard with the kids or grandkids.  If the ground is a little uneven, the rubber caps of the Radix stand come off and have holes for tent stakes to stake it right to the ground for added stability.

Beach table with sand bar leg | ITC Shop Now

The Sand Bar is a beachgoers best friend. Take your boat table right to the beach and have the best set up around. This gives a great elevated space for drinks or food and keeps the cooler top clear, so you don’t need to move everything any time someone wants something. It is a perfect place for the kids to eat and helps keep the sand out of their sandwich. Plus, if the boat is docked at the sand bar, the Sand Bar Leg goes right into the water creating a great "stand around" table in the water.

Small boat table with fence mount bracket | ITC Shop Now

The Fence Mount Table Bracket allows you to move your table to a few different places. You can move it to the rail or door of your pontoon boat to free up floor space if you’re having a larger group on board.  Or you can use it to add an additional table for more drink holders and snack space for all your passengers.  The Fence Mount isn’t limited to just use on the boat. It also attaches to the rail of a Golf Cart so you can take your small Cocktail or Round Boat/Beach Table on the golf cart when you cruise around the neighborhood or scoot down the road to your favorite lunch spot and have lunch on the cart. It's also turns your Golf Cart into a great tailgating spot.

Add a lit handle without the hassle of wiring

A lot of RVs come with LED lit assist handles by the front door but since those are all wired for an RV, they can’t be used other places such as around the house, cottage, dock, or even a shed or boat house.  With the Attune LED Solar Powered Handle you don’t need to worry about what kind of wiring you have. Just screw in the handle outside in the sun or part sun and you're good to go.  These work great on the front porch especially if you forget to leave the porch light on and you get home after dark.  The Attune gives a nice light to guide you and sturdy handle to give added support with easy installation on any outside space you need it at.

Attune RV Assist Handle | ITC Shop Now

The uses don’t stop there though, these work great on Utility trailers as well. While your Utility trailer may have trailer lights on the back, it might not have wiring running anywhere else, and it can be a pain wiring power anywhere else.  Add an Attune next to the side door or even the back and give yourself a useful lit handle to help you and others get in and out of the trailer.

Give your stuff a place to stay:

dash tray for boats and RVs | ITC Shop Now
Everyone has a lot of stuff in their pockets or things they need to bring with them every day, keys, phone, wallet, maybe Chapstick, etc.  When you’re in your RV or camper it can be hard to find a safe place to put them where they won’t roll around or get moved around. Our Dash Tray accessory tray is perfect for holding all your items in your RV, but it is also perfect for your home or office.  Keep your keys and phone right on the counter or desk in a safe slightly raised soft surface where you don’t need to worry about something spilling and running on them. It is also a great place to keep TV remotes or game controllers in one designated spot.

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