Boating Your Way to Healthy Living

Boating Your Way to Healthy Living

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The days are getting warmer, and like many people this time of year, you’re probably ready to get your boat out of winter storage. If you’re dreaming of sunny days spent on the water, we’re right there with you!

Did you know that spending time on your boat has more benefits than just being a fun way to get outside? Getting time out on the water provides more than just enjoyment; there are documented benefits to your health, too. In addition to the means to engage with new activities and life experiences, boating offers the perfect social setting to make memories with friends and family.

Boating for Mental Health

When you think of health, you may think of the color green. Green is associated with healthy eating, a vegetable-rich diet, and natural environments. But, have you ever thought about Blue Health? This term refers to the health benefits that come with interacting with a body of water. 

A 2019 study on the well-being effects of coastal living found that participants were 22% less likely to report symptoms of depression and anxiety when they lived near the ocean. Another study in 2013 found that being within earshot of moving water—such as a lake, river, or ocean—reduces stress.

This state of reduced stress from being on the water is referred to as Blue Mind, a term coined by Dr. Wallace J. Nicols in his book of the same title. Getting out on your boat can be one of the best ways to settle into Blue Mind, giving your brain a break from technology, screens, and the everyday stimulation we experience in our daily lives.

Boating for New Experiences

Owning a boat can expand your horizons in exciting ways. From new sporting activities to the classic leisure-cruise around the lake—there are so many things you can do on the water. One of the most popular pastimes is fishing, and you don’t need an expensive bass boat with all the bells and whistles to give fishing a try. Take the pontoon out early one morning, find a quiet spot on the lake, and see what you can catch!

Dad and son fishing on a boat | ITC Shop Now

If you just want to do some swimming, try anchoring next to a sand bar or a small island—or anywhere away from the crowded beach. Always remember to make sure you have the appropriate flotation devices to follow local laws and keep everyone safe on the open water.

For a bit of action, there are plenty of activities that involve towing something behind your boat, even if you don’t have a traditional ski boat. Take the kids for a ride on a tube around the lake, or if you can get enough speed, give water skiing or wakeboarding a try. There may even be equipment rentals nearby so you can test out these activities before diving in financially. 

Pontoon Boat anchored on a beach on a sunny day | ITC Shop Now

One last option that may not be on your radar is using your boat for camping! Pack up your tent and supplies and take a trip across the lake to anchor up to a beach near public land. You might be able to find unique areas that roads can’t easily access.

Boating for Quality Time 

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits to boat ownership is enjoying time on the water with friends and family. Pack the coolers with all your favorite drinks and snacks and make unforgettable memories on the lake. Enjoy weekends on the waves, stop and go for a swim, grill right on board, or have a variety of finger foods available for a little on-board charcuterie. ITC’s Party and Cocktail tables are great social zones for people to gather around for games and snacks.

Once your friends see how great owning a boat can be, they’re sure to want one of their own—perfect for organizing a raft up! Take a nice summer day, pick your favorite spot, and tie up your boats for the ultimate party raft. Pick a theme, decorate, and bring a dish to pass. 

Friends dancing on a boat at sunset | ITC Shop Now

These days are perfect for finding a safe place for the kids and pets to swim, like as a sandbar or just offshore. To help the whole family enjoy the water, keep an eye out for our new ITC Sand Bar! The Sand Bar will allow you to auger your favorite ITC Boat Table into the sand, making it easy to move the party from on deck to in the water or the beach! 

There are so many reasons to spend more time on the water this year—from improved health, to personal growth, to making memories with those you love most. For the upcoming season, make sure you’re ready to enjoy your favorite activities and discover a few new ones! Visit the rest of our store site to stock up on boating essentials now!

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