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Early Bird Spring Maintenance for Your RV

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Be sure you’re in tiptop shape, now. 

We’ve all made this mistake before: it’s the end of the camping season, and rather than packing up and winterizing your RV early when there could be another sunny weekend in store, you wait until the last minute, only to panic when the cold weather rushes in.

Suddenly spring rolls around, and after months of sitting with a rushed pack-up job, your RV may need a bit of extra attention to kick off the season in top condition. Luckily, we’ve run into this challenge before, so we’ve developed a hassle-free list to help you get your RV back on the road in time for the first blooms this year.

Holding Tanks

After a long Summer of camping, it’s not uncommon to develop a clog in the black water tank and take our word for it—it’s not fun! It’s best to take care of your tanks throughout the season, being sure to balance good bacteria and enzymes. In the Spring it is important to start up the tanks and water system with a good flushing and sanitizing to remove the antifreeze and check for leaks to achieve a worry free season. Consider adding an LED Closet Light in your storage area for your tank accessories to make it easy to find the rubber gloves. 

Plumbing Checks

RV plumbing takes a lot of punishment over the winter. Be sure to double check all seals and connection points for leaking when you clean and flush the lines. Also, be sure to test the pump cycling. Exterior showers are often forgotten when winterizing and can develop cracks that lead to messy water leaks in the Spring. The good news is they are relatively inexpensive and pretty easy to replace!

ITC has recently improved the valves on our Fontana Exterior Shower for a smoother user experience. If your shower box opening is larger than the ITC Fontana shower, we now offer an Adaptor Plate kit that fills the void, creating an attractive, secure frame. Plus, by popular demand, there’s now an industrial-strength Suction Cup Sprayer Holder for hands-free showering.


Review your RV’s manual to find the correct pressure, then inflate all tires to the proper level. Check the treads for uneven wear that could indicate a balancing appointment is needed. The service center can ensure that the tread depth is to specifications. Age is an important factor for tire health—even if they look fine, you should have a professional inspection every 5-7 years. The Prominence LED Docking light is a great back-up light to ensure you don’t puncture a tire when parking.


Check all appliances and lighting fixtures, inside and out—and don’t forget the storage bay lights. Now’s the time to order and replace any lights that seem dim or are burned out—not when you’re on a trip and they all burn out. Check out the new Luna Diffused Courtesy light with its small footprint. 

Our top tips:

  • LEDs never completely go black, they just dim over time; if it seems dim, it’s probably time to replace.
  • Replace all LEDs in an area at the same time to make sure the color temperature and brightness match between fixtures. The most popular OEM used overhead light is our Radiance which comes in different sizes and install method.
  • Explore the overhead, reading, and outdoor lighting at ITCShopNow.com for easy replacements and upgrades.
  • Add a residential look and feel with our Eminence™ LED overhead light with warm white LED color light.


At the beginning of a new season, it’s always a good idea to take inventory of all your gear—especially the first aid kits in your RV and vehicle. Refill any missing supplies to treat small cuts and scrapes, headaches, and indigestion in case you’re far from accessible pharmacies.  

Lastly, be sure to replace any broken or worn recreational items like worn camp chairs, broken flashlights, or check out the new MOD leg with RV table kit to replace rickety indoor tables. Our Party Table and Cocktail Table systems also make a perfect addition to your outdoor gear, providing a handy spot to keep your snacks, drinks, and essential items. Finally, be sure your tool box is stocked to address an unexpected repair while on the road.  

If you’re still looking for a particular product to take your RV to the next level this season, our product specialists are here to help Monday - Friday from 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM EST via live chat on ITCShopNow.com or phone at 616-330-4497, on weekends leave us an email at support@itcshopnow.com and we will assist you with all your replacement part needs. Order today!

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