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Dinner in the Dark

  It’s no secret that the days are shorter this time of year. With the sun going down before dinner time it can limit the appeal of outdoor dining options. In 2020 dining alfresco has become all the rage, yeah - okay Covid is part of the reason, but dining outdoors, even in darker and cooler weather can be something special. Lighting can play a central role by creating an intimacy of space in the dark – something to gather around, like we would a bonfire on the beach.

  Tabletop firepits, candles, or a lantern can be  used to form a pool of light or to really create an interesting dining experience at a table with lit elements. Taking the ITC battery-operated LED lit table out of the pontoon to use on your deck, or dock, can extend outdoor dining options in a fun way. The floor base can be screwed to your deck and the tabletop and leg can be stored after dinner – then next spring you can pop the whole thing back in the boat or you may find you like it so much on the deck, you will need to get a second one for the boat!

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