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Our New Year's Resolution For You!

New Year’s Resolutions are nothing new.  Lots of people make them, and most probably break them.  We have a 2021 Resolution for you, that we think will be easy to keep, because it’s a lot more fun.  It’s to get out in your RV or on your Boat more this year!  When warm weather comes around there is no place better to be than out on the lake or exploring and traveling with your RV.  According to the latest study data by The National Marine Manufacturers Association on boat usage, on average people spent between 23-71 hours per season on their boat.  Other studies showed RV owners used their Motorhome or Travel Trailer roughly 7-21 days per year.  Any amount of time spent on the boat or in the RV is great, but wouldn’t it be better if you could add even just one more day?  How about a week?

A study by discoverboating.com showed that being on a boat has wonderful effects on your brain and that 72% of Americans report feeling healthier after spending time on a boat.  The poll also showed that being on the water relaxes our bodies and promotes increased creativity.  Likewise, for RV lovers, getting out of the house and into nature can have amazing effects on your health.  Fresh air and lack of screen time help our bodies reset to their natural rhythms.  Seeing more of the natural world around us in our county, state, and country can give us a much needed chance to relax and appreciate nature.  There is plenty to be seen from a boat or RV and it’s our resolution for you to get out there and see it!

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