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How Millennials and Gen Z are changing the RV Landscape

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Historically, baby boomers have been the primary group affiliated with RVs. More recently, we’ve seen the industry shift sharply towards a younger demographic, more specifically— Millennials and Gen Z (MZ). MZ, as we have all heard think about life, careers, and family a lot differently than the post-war Boomers. They are more diverse and have split from the older generation on issues such as immigration reform, criminal justice reform and environmental protection. Perhaps the biggest split is the recent fascination with “Van Life” or “Living on the Road” and they are rapidly becoming the largest demographic of full-time RVers. The number of people that consider RVs as their primary home are growing quickly with the ability to travel, work, and live on the go while pulling your home with you to places of interest, beauty, and adventure is a big draw for many millennials searching for freedom.


MZ are known for their digital savviness and ability to use technology to stay connected 24/7, especially with the continued functional increases of cell phones. Social media, Teams/Zoom, the Cloud and file sharing are all tools used by MZ for work, family, and social connections. All of this connectivity allows for work to happen anywhere and anytime, providing the freedom to make work fit around life v life fitting around work.



Whether Covid was a motivator or the last straw, it certainly spurred a migration to outdoor/RV living. Ditching the stick and brick house for a travel trailer may sound very appealing to the MZ but there are hurdles to get over. The first hurdle might be the Baby Boomer parents. Having worked hard for their whole life to buy a house, raise a family, and now buy their Class A to hit the road for retirement, boomers are struggling with the notion of their kids not following these traditional life goals. MZ are either skipping home ownership entirely or are selling their starter homes and using the equity to fund RV living and many are hitting the road with their kids in tow. Although, kids may present the second challenge, many people feel home school, or trailer school in this case. Juggling space for kids’ lessons along with space for a work zoom call, and don’t forget a pet, all within a tight interior of an RV presents challenge number three. On the upside, heading to the warmer states makes the great outdoors a wide-open learning environment where life, nature, and science lessons are plentiful for the whole family. 


As with many things, MZ are setting their own path and defining what is the right way for them to follow their dreams. MZ are reported by several media outlets such as USA Today, The New York Post and RV industry news site RVIA show the highest increase of RV ownership in the past three years. Most recently a study by RVIA showed that in 2021 Millennials specifically accounted for 38% of new RV purchases. So, move over Baby Boomers and make way in the national parks, camp grounds, boondocks, and back roads cause the MZ have a new thought on the American Dream.


  • U.S. Census Bureau reports that Millennials now outnumber the former largest population group – the Baby Boomers, plus they are not only the largest population group they are the largest group of campers, according to the Camping Report
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