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The E-RV’s are Coming!

With the rising popularity of electronic vehicles throughout the world, it was only a matter of time before the RV industry took a good hard look at what electric RVs could bring to the table. Big names in the industry like Winnebago and Airstream have begun rolling out models that are fully electric, delivering a modern feel to the Class B style RV and travel trailer industry.

So why would a potential RV buyer look at one of these newer electric models over the traditional gas-powered styles? Let’s take a look at the advantages the e-RV category has to offer.

The Green Factor

One of the biggest benefits of the E-RV is the fact that it hits on a hot button we currently see within the industry, and that’s reducing the carbon footprint. In an industry that can be somewhat slow to innovate, having companies move toward an E-RV option signals hope that these companies are becoming more conscious about the lasting impression their products leave on the environment. The ability to use renewable energy and eliminate bad emissions into the air is a big selling point given our current push to “go green”.

The Distance Factor

Another great feature of these E-RV’s is the amount of travel distance they can go. The newer e-RV models have the capability to run anywhere from 125 to 300 miles on a single charge, and only take around 45 minutes to be fully charged again. As charging stations become more accessible around the world, and with many RV parks beginning to install charging stations at their locations, this feature is a major plus for those who want to go the farthest and get the most out of their RV.

The Tech Factor

With less wear and tear on the motor, e-RV builders are able to focus their attention elsewhere, which is apparent in the upgraded designs inside the units. With state-of-the-art controls for smartphones and tablets, and other incorporated smart tools, the easy functionality that these new e-RV’s offer is highly attractive to tech savvy buyers. Roughing it while camping may be a thing of the past or at least optional now that the RV industry is coming more into alignment with increasing the inclusion of tech and innovative products. These steps forward can be a major plus to attaching more potential buyers.

But, Keep In Mind…

Before running to the dealer, there are a few important things to note regarding e-RV’s. While it’s an exciting new presence in the market, these RV’s are not readily available, and pricing information is scarce. For consumers watching new information rollout on these cutting-edge innovations, it will be interesting to see what new information comes out in 2023. Regardless, the industry is waiting in anticipation to find out how interested consumers are to the e-RV idea. While RV purists may be set in their ways of how they think RVing should be done, data shows an increase in the younger generation wanting to experience the great outdoors. This tech savvy generation may look to the electric class B style RV’s as the new way to go RVing. And maybe, just maybe, Airstream’s eStream will be the best of both worlds, with the classic Airstream silver bullet look but with the tech feature upgrades that many find desirable.

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