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Life on the Water: Houseboat Living

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Perhaps you dream of living on the waterfront at a fraction of the cost of traditional real estate, or floating down Florida’s intracoastal Waterways, enjoying one of life’s greatest joys: living on the water. Before you dive into such a big decision, it is important to understand the pros and cons of living on a houseboat.

Advantages to living on a houseboat:

  • You’ll wake up to a waterfront view every day. Your houseboat will be docked at a marina, giving you unparalleled access to the lake or bay on which you reside.
  • You’ll get to immerse yourself in water sports and activities. While most people enjoy boating, tubing, and fishing while on vacation, these can be your usual afternoon or evening hobbies.
  • Say goodbye to yard maintenance. You’ll never shovel snow or mow the lawn again!
  • There may be some financial advantages to permanently residing on a houseboat. Depending on the state and municipality in which you reside, you may not have to pay property taxes on your houseboat.

Even with so many positives to living on a houseboat, there are a few disadvantages you should consider:

  • You won’t have a mailbox for mail delivery. You’ll need to secure a post box at your local Post Office instead.
  • Mosquitoes and bugs can be a nuisance. Living near water invites local pests into your daily life which can be bothersome.
  • Limited living space. Since houseboats utilize every inch of space, residents have to be willing to live a minimalist lifestyle.
  • Residents of houseboats will have to park their vehicles in the marina parking lot which could result in a long walk back to the slip where your houseboat is slipped.
  • Small bathrooms. Like other spaces within a houseboat, the bathroom is going to be another small space. This could lead to inconveniences when everyone on board is trying to get ready for the day.
  • Lack of personal space. Just like having to share one bathroom with everyone, residents on a houseboat will have to share limited spaces with each other.

Before you jump feet first into life on a houseboat, it’s important to ask yourself if this lifestyle is practical for you. Do you have the right mindset and personality to live on the waterway full time? For those thinking it sounds like a dream come true, you might just be in for a magnificent journey of freedom, simplicity, and so much more.

If you’re considering purchasing a houseboat or looking to renovate your own, we’re here to help! Visit the shop to explore high-performance upgrades and replacement parts for your boat today.

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