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Helping One Veteran, Help Many Others

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We recently had a chance to get to know Dave Jones. Dave is a disabled combat Air Force Fighter Pilot who is heavily involved with other veterans and their families in and near his home town in Texas. Dave who has been a commercial airline pilot for 31 years, spends a lot of his free time on his pontoon boat, welcoming veterans and their families to join him and his family for boat outings. Giving veterans a fun day on the boat to relax and enjoy each other’s company provides Dave with a way to say thanks.

The only problem was Dave’s pontoon is older and the pontoon table in it did not work well for some of the more disabled vets he invited. Plus, the top was too small to hold the snacks Dave provides and the drink holders proved to be an accident waiting to happen. Drinks would often be spilled after the boat hit the first wave on the lake.

We met Dave when he was searching for a replacement pontoon table that would accommodate his needs and he found ITC’s new Table System online. Dave sent an inquiry to our ITCShopNow customer care person, Kevin. Through helping Dave with his questions about the functions of the table and how the LEDs operated. Kevin learned more about why Dave was looking for a new table. Dave’s selfless efforts hit a note with us. ITC has a culture of community outreach; we believe that giving back to our communities is an important part of providing a value beyond what we sell. So when Dave told us how he was hosting vets on his boat, we wanted to help him do it in style with a donation of a LED Lit Boat Table System so he could provide the convenience for the disabled vets he desired.

Dave needed a table top that swiveled to allow extra room to board vets with mobility disabilities. Often these vets are moved to the boat dock by a lift and having a bit of extra room to enable them to be seated without removing the entire table is very helpful. Other requirements of the table that are important to Dave and his guests is the ability to hold oversize drinks without them spilling and having a large area that keeps the abundance of food Dave cooks in easy reach. The ITC Boat Table System delivered! Our table top is a generous 18” x 34” and it has 4 extra deep drink holders that adjust to hold a slim can to a large Yeti cup, as an extra bonus they light up using a rechargeable battery system. The top can be turned to allow people, especially disabled persons bench seat access and the 2.5” diameter leg provides the stability to the table while under way.

Dave says the boat table system is “Phenomenal” and he can’t wait to start hosting vets and their families on his enhanced pontoon boat. He has promised to send pictures of the fun, so check back for updates to Dave’s story!

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