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Is One Day Enough for Our Father’s?

Celebrating our fathers on one specific day of the year seems like a Hallmark moment, when most people appreciate and celebrate their fathers throughout the year. Still setting one day aside to remind us to express our appreciation for all they have done in the past year is a good idea. We talked to a few of our employees about what Father’s Day means for them.

Mark, our production supervisor, shared some great attributes about his dad with us. When he was growing up Mark’s dad was a provider that made sure the family always had what they “needed”. He was taught the difference between “Needs” and Wants” and even though as kids, Mark and his brothers thought the “wants” should have been the priority. His dad was a hard worker who retired after 40 years at the same company and was married to Mark’s mom for 62 years. This example instilled the value of family and the importance of going to work every day to earn your paycheck.

Mark's Dad
Mark's Dad

Jason, one of our RV Salespeople told us the best thing about being a dad is the amazing moments of life that happen with his kids and the immeasurable pride and joy that comes with it.

Jason at his son's High School Graduation
Jason at his son's Graduation

Dick Camarota, the founder of ITC tells the story of starting ITC in his basement back in 1982 right outside his son Mike’s bedroom and as Mike would get up to go to school the ITC team would be hard at work in the “office”. Today, Mike is ITC’s president, following his father’s example of hard work and dedication.

Dick and Mike Camarota
Mike and Dick Camarota

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