How to Enjoy Fall Camping in your RV

How to Enjoy Fall Camping in your RV

The kids are back in school and it might feel like summer—and the fun of summer RV trips—is over. But don’t pack up the RV or camper just yet! There’s still time to get out and enjoy the outdoors in your RV before winter. Fall is an incredible time to go camping for many reasons! Keep reading to check out our tips and activities to help plan the best fall trip this year.

What makes fall camping so special? 

Fall is one of our favorite seasons. It’s warm enough to get outside and enjoy most of your favorite summer activities, but with the bonus of beautiful fall foliage. Hiking in the fall is a great way to see the changing colors up close. Even on a trail that you’ve trekked a dozen times this summer, the autumn leaves offer a vibrant new twist that’s sure to make it feel like a totally new trail. Plus, the insects aren’t as active, so there will be fewer buzzing distractions.

Happy Family sitting around a camp fire while camping in the fall

Campfires are a tradition in the summer, but on hotter days, sitting by a warm fire doesn’t always sound that great. During a fall camping trip, when the evening starts to get chilly, it’s the best place to be. A crisp fall night around a warm fire with family and friends is one of the simple joys of any camping trip. 

There are plenty of other activities that are unique to the fall season. Many campgrounds host a Halloween weekend with trick or treating and spooky decorations. It’s always fun to carve pumpkins for a seasonal touch to your site. There are also local fall festivals, orchards, and farmstands to visit for picking apples or purchasing fall produce fresh from the field.

Choosing Your Destination

Fall is a busy time, so when considering a fall camping trip, try keeping it closer to home. Look within an hour radius of your house for your favorite spots, or try somewhere new! An hour’s worth of travel is easy to manage for a weekend trip. Pack as much as possible the night before and as soon as the kids get home from school you can hit the road! 

Making a Packing List 

Make sure you check the weather of course, but it’s best to be prepared for both warm and chilly temperatures. Throw in a few extra blankets and your favorite jacket or hoodie when packing up for a fall trip, but don’t forget the sunscreen either. Even though it may be colder, you’re still at risk of a sunburn if you’re out all day in the sun. Bring along some of your favorite fall snacks or ingredients to give your meals an autumnal twist.

A pot of food cooking over a fire while fall camping

An Easy Fall Camp Meal

Cooking a meal over the fire is always a great option when camping, even in an RV. Foil dinners are simple to prep and fun to make with the family. Add in fresh fruits and veggies from a nearby farm like apples, sweet potatoes, or squash. Mix them with your meat of choice (or go meatless) and season with your favorite fall spices like rosemary, cinnamon, allspice, or nutmeg. 

Other Quick Tips 

  • Leave time for setting up: it’ll get darker earlier and no one likes setting up after sunset!
  • Remember to hydrate: even when it’s chillier, it’s important to regularly drink water when you’re active throughout the day. 
  • Plan backup activities for inside the RV in case the weather doesn’t cooperate.
  • Let the kids help plan meals and activities to get them more involved in the trip.

Fall camping can be a unique experience compared to traditional summer camping. The scenery and fall activities that you can enjoy during an RV trip are sure to create special memories for the entire family.  We hope you’ll hold off on winterizing your RV just a bit longer and get out for a fun fall camping trip!

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