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Introducing the ITC Glossy Black Party Table

When it comes to style, black is timeless. From fashion, to art, to interior design, the color black is the perfect understated accent or showstopping main feature in art and product design. It’s highly functional and matches everything—it can be unassuming, utilitarian, chic, or serious. It can blend in or stand out. 

Over the past 40 years, ITC has become a leader in the marine and RV industries by making innovative products for boat and recreational vehicle manufacturers, and now we’re using our experience to bring the same desirable products directly to consumers.  

With that in mind, we’re excited to officially offer the ITC Party Table in glossy black. This much-requested finish option expands our popular line of vacuum formed, durable table systems, giving customers a table finish made to compliment any space.

Our vacuum forming process uses two pieces of plastic material—a decorative one on top and a black textured one on bottom—which are heated to a pliable temperature and placed in the mold. A vacuum then sucks the material to the mold, creating a distinct and sturdy tabletop. To complete the process, we attach the two halves and add our newest table leg components. The finishing touches include LED lit or non-lit drink holders with rubber inserts, an accessory tray, phone holder inserts, and an optional center mat.

As boaters ourselves, the table’s features and functions evolved from our own experiences. We needed drink holders that could handle anything from a large YETI tumbler down to a slim cocktail can. We needed a rim around the center edge and a non-slip mat because we got tired of trying to keep our snacks secure out on the water. Most importantly, we needed a safe spot to store our phones.

The ITC Party Table brings everything together for a full day out on the lake! Of course, we never stop thinking of ways to improve the boating experience, and we soon realized we needed a second table for the bow of the boat, thus the compact ITC Cocktail Table (also available in matching glossy black) was born.

Glossy Black Party Table Features & Benefits

  • Sleek and timeless glossy black finish
  • Easy installation and removal, includes a filler cap for the floor base for when the leg is removed from your pontoon or boat
  • Vacuumed-formed top is UV and corrosion tested to meet OEM quality standards and remain beautiful for years
  • Drink holders have stainless-steel trim and inserts to hold your favorite drinks in a variety of container sizes
  • The large top holds the whole party: four drink holders, phone slots, and room in the center for snacks

For the full product description, specifications, installation instructions, and more, view the Glossy Black Party Table on ITC Shop Now.

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