RV Sustainability: The Dark Skies Initiative

RV Sustainability: The Dark Skies Initiative

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This is the first piece of a three-part series exploring sustainability in the RV industry. Check out Part II: LED Benefits coming November 14  and Part III: RVs as Multifunctional Spaces to learn more about how sustainability impacts this ever-evolving industry coming November 21.     

RV ownership by age has continued to trend towards younger buyers over the last five years, with consumers in the 18-34-year-old bracket rising from approximately 8.5% in 2018 to 22% in 2021. As more Millennial and Generation Z consumers enter the RV market, many first-time buyers are interested in products and adaptations that support sustainability and environmental protection.

The Dark Skies Initiative is a program dedicated to celebrating the night skies and promoting responsible outdoor lighting that's both beautiful and functional. There are many advantages to creating an RV lighting plan that can reduce light pollution and accommodate activities like stargazing.

Benefits from a versatile lighting plan can include greater star visibility, reduced energy usage, and improved well-being and safety for individuals and wildlife. Beyond the impacts on nocturnal animals and birds, light pollution has also been found to  disrupt human circadian rhythms. 

As younger generations of campers prioritize their health and the environment, many are looking for versatility in RV lighting. With a focus on task-based lighting, control over light color and temperature, and downward directed exterior lighting, an effective RV lighting plan can truly allow campers the flexibility to unplug and enjoy nature like never before.

Color and Temperature

For both interior and exterior lighting, the color and temperature can play a significant role in both reducing light pollution and creating the best environment to enjoy the night sky.

To preserve natural night vision, many individuals opt to expose themselves only to red light leading up to a stargazing session. Traditional lighting causes pupil dilation and disruption to our rods and cones that detect color and light, making it much more difficult to see stars accurately.

For more general environmentally conscious lighting, many Dark Skies organizations encourage the use of amber exterior lighting, which not only reduces light pollution but also aids in keeping moths and mosquitoes away as compared to bright white lighting.

Fixtures like our Amber Porch Light are ideal for camping in Dark Skies regions, as they provide low-light visibility for safety and convenience without creating a harsh, expansive glow that will interfere with other campers or the park at large. 

Directional and Solar 

Downward facing light is another important element for both safety and maintaining low-light environments. Directional lighting plays a key role in keeping light out of the sky while also providing visibility.

For external safety after dark, the Assurance Flood Light shines down to illuminate the step or ramp area around an RV ensuring security when entering or exiting the unit and loading toys after dark. Assurance is designed for specific, directed light exactly where it’s needed.

Though sustainability is an essential component for many RV consumers today, safety always comes first. Our new Attune™ Solar Assist Handle is the perfect blend of function and sustainability, providing a full night of lighting on a single day of solar charging with no wiring needed.

Attune offers a gentle, low-output light source for visibility in the dark without a harsh glow. Plus, with the solar cell on the top of the handle, the light source is also downward directed for additional glare reduction.

A versatile, environmentally-conscious RV lighting plan comes with challenges, but ITC Manufacturers’ Select has options for RV owners  who demand flexibility and options to enjoy the great outdoors—and skies—responsibly.

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