RV Sustainability: LED Benefits

RV Sustainability: LED Benefits

This is the second piece of a three-part series exploring sustainability in the RV industry. Check out Part I: The Dark Skies Initiative published November 7 and Part III: RVs as Multifunctional Spaces to learn more about how sustainability impacts this ever-evolving industry coming November 21.  

LED lighting has been the popular choice across many industries for decades, and for good reason. Compared to fluorescent and incandescent lighting, LED solutions offer a variety of benefits—from sustainability and functionality to power and safety. With continued technological development and integration, LEDs offer greater flexibility and customization than ever before.

In the RV industry, durable, long-lasting lighting is a necessity. Beyond merely fixture strength, lighting solutions should be powerful and directional—LEDs offer brighter, whiter, and more versatile illumination than traditional lighting options.

More buyers in today’s market are on the hunt for versatility in an RV lighting plan. From color temperature to color selection, users demand lighting options that offer control, and the ability to alter lighting based on task or mood is a major selling point.

LED Advantages


In terms of sustainability, LEDs are significantly more environmentally friendly than traditional lighting options. When it comes to energy efficiency, LEDs conserve up to 80% more energy than comparable incandescent and fluorescent lights.

This is because 95% of the energy used to power LEDs is converted to light, with only 5% wasted through heat. Fluorescent lights on the other hand only convert 5% of that energy to light with 95% lost to heat. Reducing energy consumption lessens the strain on electric power supplies, leading to longer battery life for an RV.

Long Lasting

Because LEDs are significantly more energy efficient, they also have a much longer life. Technically speaking, LEDs have no working parts that can burn out or break over time through normal use. A well-built fixture should protect LEDs for years to come.


A bright, directional backup or flood light is a key element for an RV, and LEDs offer significantly brighter light output with less energy usage. Compared to other lighting options, LEDs offer higher lumen output light for the same wattage.

Explore our top LED lighting products: 

RV Sustainability: LED Benefits


This robust flood light features a powerful spot lens that projects light 75 feet in a focused beam. Available with high-polish stainless steel or black powder coated finish options, Vivid is protected by a durable housing.

With the ability to pinpoint bright, white light in a focused beam, it’s a powerful light perfect for safety and efficiency.

Vivid Flood Light


This highly functional Refresh shower light provides a classic aesthetic, while the diffused lens ensures uniform light output without shadowing. Available in multiple finishes, Refresh will easily compliment other fixtures in the unit and create the perfect ambiance.

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