RV Sustainability: RVs as Multifunctional Spaces

RV Sustainability: RVs as Multifunctional Spaces

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This is the third piece of a three-part series exploring sustainability in the RV industry. Check out Part I: The Dark Skies Initiative and Part posted November 7 II: LED Benefits to learn more about how sustainability impacts this ever-evolving industry posted November 14.

From changing technology and new products to demographic and cultural shifts, the way people use recreational spaces is constantly shifting. Over the last several years, there’s been significant growth in RV ownership for 18-34 year olds, a previously under looked age group. As younger individuals and families enter the RV industry, they require new features and flexible spaces in an RV.

Many Americans, regardless of age are now working remotely, either part or full time, and are choosing to either use the RV in the driveway as an office or spending long stretches on the road while working, both situations mean consumers are looking for spaces that can serve dual purposes. 

Whether due to health concerns, the desire to unplug from our media-centric world, or to explore lower-cost ways to live, many families are also choosing to shift to full and part-time RV lifestyles. For these families, the need for multifunctional spaces is a necessity.

ITC View Reading Lights Mounted over a RV bed

Versatility in lighting

Lighting can transform a space, making it one of the most essential features of an RV. Whether working, relaxing, cooking, or socializing, RV consumers are looking for lighting options that fulfill every need in both style and function.

Directional lighting, particularly for reading and working, is a important element of flexible spaces. Our diverse collection of reading lights offers a variety of focused lighting fixtures, including options with different brightness levels, and backlit switches. 

For additional dedicated lighting, the Rana Desk Lamp has a clamp on attachment that can be mounted to a table top for directional task lighting perfect for working, crafts, or games.

USB Phone Charger Mounted on the wall in an RV Kitchen

Multipurpose Charging

Even without cultural shifts toward living and working from the road, devices are an integral part of our lives, and having the ability to keep them fully charged in any setting is expected.

Charging should feel effortless, with charging capabilities seamlessly integrated into recreational spaces. When it comes to the high-motion cabin of an RV, our Rotating Phone holder charger was engineered to keep phones protected and safely in place while charging on the road.

When using the RV’s outlets for charging, keep your phone and other gadgets secure with the Dash Tray.  Great in the bedroom, living area, kitchen, or on the dash, the Dash Tray’s soft but sturdy form construction and adhesive keep your things in place on the road.

ITC RV Mod Leg and Side Table

Flexible Spaces

For many consumers, the ability to change the very layout of the space offers even more options for transition from work, to play, to household chores. In the limited quarters of an RV, this type of versatility can transform a small area into a significantly more usable space.

A flexible system like the MOD™ Leg or the MOD Leg with Table offers even more spatial flexibility, redefining spaces as a dining table, desk, crafting space, or more depending on where it’s placed. With wall mount brackets this unique system transforms a space to suit the needs of users in their day-to-day needs.

Products with multiple capabilities truly elevate an RV into a space for more than just camping. Giving consumers the versatility too curate a unit to their needs allows more diverse demographics to consider the RV lifestyle in ways they previously couldn’t imagine.

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