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Think Small: The Rise of Compact Campers

As gas prices continue to rise and the fear of inflation is constantly looming, many people who love the outdoors are leaving their large campers or motorhomes parked in their driveways and opting for a growing trend: the small camper.

The rise in popularity of the small travel camper comes as no surprise, and a younger generation are really driving the growth in this section of the RV and travel trailer industry. A study conducted by the RV Industry Association last year found that 38% of new RV owners are millennials. As the tiny house movement continues to intrigue the younger generation—and placing value on experiences over products remains a millennial trait—small, compact campers are becoming more and more desirable as an avenue for the next adventure.

Advantages to Compact Travel Trailers

There are many advantages to these smaller companions. As mentioned, with higher than normal gas prices, the cost to haul a tiny camper is significantly less than the larger, more bulky trailers. They take up less space not only in a driveway or garage, but also in the great outdoors, leaving a smaller footprint in mother nature.

The movement among millennials to downsize in lifestyle and increase their adventures also lends itself to the smaller camper, as it can make its way to smaller sites that larger RV’s and campers couldn’t access as easily.

Another trend among the younger generation is the desire to work remotely, and the small camper lifestyle easily allows them to do so. With 84% of millennials saying that the ability to work remotely is important to them, a portable, easy to set up work area is an important decision factor.

The ability to easily modify a compact camper is a much smaller task than trying to upgrade a larger, bulkier trailer or RV. Simple reading lights or push button lights can be installed to allow for a well-lit work area.

Disadvantages to Compact Travel Trailers

Let’s address a glaring disadvantage to the small camper: The bathroom, or lack thereof. If you’re someone who’d prefer to have even minimal bathroom accommodations, you may need to consider if larger camper is right for you.

Another important thing to consider is the smaller cargo space that these campers offer. If you’re a heavy packer and don’t have much room in the vehicle you’re using to tow your camper, you may want to look at a larger trailer or RV to suit those needs.

Lastly, the compact size often doesn’t lend itself to large groups. Families with children may struggle find adequate space for everyone to sleep comfortably. Unless you plan to pitch a tent and really rough it in the great outdoors, you’ll probably want to look at some of the larger RV campers that offer multiple sleeping spaces for all your friends and family members.

Is a Compact Camper Right for You?

At the end of the day, the small price tag, lower gas consumption, and space saving convenience, may outweigh a lack of bathroom and cargo space.

There are many factors to consider when deciding whether a compact camper is right for you and your family. The best thing to do is consider your ideal camping adventure—ask yourself if a smaller camper checks all your boxes. If so, they’re a great option—especially for younger adventurers looking to enjoy the outdoors while keeping costs down.

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