Travel Trends for RV and Boat Trips in 2024

Travel Trends for RV and Boat Trips in 2024

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Vacations over the last few years may feel like a blur, as many of us valiantly fought to make up for the pandemic trips we’d missed out on. As our lives settle back into recognizable patterns, it’s time to prioritize well-being in our recreational activities. According to Conde Nast, travelers “will be putting what’s important front and center” in our travel plans in 2024.

Focusing on the Important Things

For many people, one of the highest-ranking priorities on the important things list is improved mental and physical well-being. This can be easy for RVers and boaters to come by—simply spending time in nature is a great way to unplug. Whether you can get away for the entire summer, a week, or just a weekend trip, fresh air in the woods or lakeshore can go a long way in promoting a refreshed, positive outlook. Physically connecting to nature with a hike (or a bit of wake boarding) can also improve your physical stress, reducing cognitive overload by re-focusing on the task at hand—climbing the next hill or catching that big wave.

Looking for adventure in the everyday is often a more authentic travel experience. Getting off the beaten path and away from the crowds promotes self-reflection, environmental awareness, and discovery. Whether you’re a foodie looking for hidden gems to broaden your taste buds, or you love the idea of off-grid camping and fishing, don’t be afraid to explore the unexpected. Create adventure during the planning, journey, and the actual experience, but don’t forget that things don’t always go as planned—keep an open mind for unplanned fun! 

Grandchild Camping with their Grandparents

Skip-Gen Travel is a term that has become popular for experiences  grandparents and grandkids share. Spending time traveling together is a great way to create special memories—it’s a win-win with parents, too! For grandparents who are still active and able to take the grandkids on an exciting RV adventure or teach them about navigating the waterways on a boat—these trips are a great way to bond. Whatever the activities, the time spent together creates lasting memories. 

Making the Important Things Even More Fun

Upgrades to your boat or RV can make travel more fun, and less stressful! We suggest an extra side table for the RV to provide a bit more space for games or snacking. Our versatile MOD Leg system is great for quickly changing positions for various tasks. Plus, with three tabletop color options for our RV Side Table, it is easy to find one that compliments your space.

For off-the-grid trips, our solar Attune Assist Handle is a great upgrade for both style and safety—it charges in the sun and lasts all night, offering essential visibility when entering or exiting the RV.

Sand, surf, and an Umbrella Beach Table can make a great day at the beach even better! With sun protection, a place to keep your drinks and snacks sand-free, this table system with the 47” Sand Bar lets you keep your toes in the waves all day and will ensure you have a great day at the beach.

Family roasting marshmallows around a campfire while camping

Don’t Forget the Basics

Even with proper planning, sometimes adventures go differently than expected! Be prepared for any weather by packing a range of clothing—layers, comfortable shoes, and rain gear are a must.

Always do your research ahead of time to know where you are going, what to expect along the way, and what you’ll need when you get there. Trying new experiences—especially local food, clothing, or even learning a new language—keeps things interesting and expands your mind.

Cheers to your 2024 travel plans—whether simple or extravagant, sometimes it’s the little things that end up being the most important!

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