Things We Love for Our Boat and RVs

Things We Love for Our Boat and RVs

Being part of the staff at ITC Manufacturers’ Select, we get to see and use all the products on our trailers, boats, and even at our cottages. We know this is a huge benefit, so we want to share some of our favorites and tell you why we love these items.

 ITC Cocktail Table on a Sand Bar leg on the beach in the sunshine

Cocktail Table and Sand Bar Leg: Matt – Customer Care Lead

Matt loves the Cocktail Table with Sand Bar Leg! The days of putting drinks and snacks on a beach towel are over. With the cocktail table and the Sand Bar we can keep all our boy’s food and drinks elevated, helping to keep sand out of the peanut butter! Plus, our kids are less likely to knock everything over. We use the 31” Sand Bar leg and auger it into the sand to put the table at just the right height for the kids to walk up and access their drinks and snack.  It’s the perfect size for an afternoon at the beach with less accidents and more fun.

 ITC Formed Illumagrip lit up on the side of a Motorhome

Formed Illumagrip Assist Handle: John – Digital Marketing

The Formed Illumagrip Assist Handle, Exceptionally well-crafted, this handle is durable and strong. With growing kids who love to horse around going in and out of the trailer, this is a must for us. Plus, my wife loves how attractive the lit design is, adding a touch of glamping elegance and aesthetic appeal. For me it was the one-for-one replacement of the original one on our older trailer. The wiring and alignment were dead-on.

 ITC Glow in the Dark cupholder with green glow in the dark ring illuminated

Glow In The Dark Drink Holder: Mollie – Customer Care 

I love the Glow in the Dark Drink Holder because they light up the area around the drinks after dark. We love to hang out on the boat tied to the dock to watch the sunset and talk to our girls about the day on the lake. With these drink holders (which don’t need to be wired to glow), we avoid the spills of the cups not getting in the holders, so no clean-up for me before bedtime.

 ITC Beach Table color options with a grey umbrella

Beach Table with Umbrella and 47” Sand Bar – Kelli – Consumer Business Manager

I can’t help it – I LOVE these new beach table colors and the choice of options! I know these are new, but I have had the chance to try them out already (someone has to do the testing!). We love to stand in the waves at the edge of Lake Michigan and chat with friends over a cold beverage. The Beach Table attached to the 47” Sand Bar allows us to stand in the waves all day, putting our drinks in the holders to throw the Frisbee. And the Umbrella – a must have when spending the day in the sun, giving us some shade and a fun designation for friends to gather. Can’t wait to take this to Florida for Spring Break!

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