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Two black adjustable drink holders with a solid plastic bottom and adjustable top arms to secure container and eight screws for installation.Two adjustable drink holders installed in a RV.  One is holding a bottle of wine and the other is holding a stemless wine glass.
Assurance Exterior Flood LightAssurance Exterior Flood Light
Chrome Plated Plastic Shower HeadChrome Plated Plastic Shower Head
Chrome Replacement Shower HeadChrome Replacement Shower Head
Cinnamon - Battery Powered LED Table SystemsCinnamon - Battery Powered LED Table Systems
White rectangular shower box with a latch door cover.White rectangular shower box with a latch door cover open showing shower sprayer and hot and cold water control knobs.
Exterior Shower
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RV assist handle with white LED inside the handle with stainless steel caps at the top and bottom.Dimensions of Formed IllumaGrip RV assist handle. 20 inches tall with a 1.25 inch diameter.
Hot & Cold Stainless Steel ShowerHot & Cold Stainless Steel Shower

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